Broken [EP]

by Human 2.7

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released May 6, 2013

DC: programming, synths, guitar, vocals
Gary Baker: vocals on "Onward"



all rights reserved


Human 2.7 Los Angeles, California

Human 2.7 is an electronic project out of the greater Los Angeles area. DC - who arranges the soft synths, does vocals, and plays intermittent guitar - is the only steady member of the group, but collaborates with others when opportunity arises. To date, DC has had the good fortune to work with guest vocalists Gary Baker of Jagged Doctrine and Tina Fells, a talented actress and vocalist. ... more

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Track Name: Drastic Measures
oh, God, cut out my eyes when what I see prompts false desire
I'd rather live life blind than fall into the fire
oh, God, remove my hands when they reach for things I should not crave
take drastic measures, God, if that is how I can be saved

my lusts have led me foul and into where I should not be
the things I most desired would spell the end of me
I've bowed to pleasures fair of form and face and so deceptive
they only brought me death, but it is Christ Who makes me live

so here again You find me, kneeling at Your feet, my God
with only failed attempts and motives - oh, so flawed
but You can save me, You can make me perfect in Your sight
please cut and burn away what in me is not right

please make Yourself the great desire of my heart
rekindle all the passion present at the start
zealous for Your touch and jealous of my soul
Consuming Fire come take this offering whole
Track Name: Onward ft. Gary Baker of Jagged Doctrine
Christian soldiers, fighting a spiritual war,
with the cross of Jesus Christ going on before.
Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
forward into battle see His banners go!
The cross of Christ our triumph, more than conquerors we
march then, Christian soldiers, live in victory!
Gates of hell can never against God's own prevail;
we have Christ's own promise, and that cannot fail.
His sure foot proceeding, our victorious King
base must be the coward who will not follow Him
Satan's armies shrink away at the shout of praise;
brothers, lift your voices, loud your anthems raise.
Glory, praise, and honor be to Christ the King,
this through countless ages men and angels sing.
Track Name: Salt
You call me salt.
do I preserve anything?
You call me light.
am I bright enough to see?
in a world that dies,
do I slow the decay?
as I walk in night,
am I a herald of the day?
illuminate this world - shine Your light through me
and make me salt to slow the advance of all the wrong You see.
this pregnant pause,
so full of worth and moment,
reveals my flaws:
from any glory a swift descent.
ineffable light
seen through a dirty window
so feebly shines
how great a grace You bestow.
so bitter now
are things that once enticed me.
spice in life;
a taste of You is what I need
You preserve
and enhance all that is good
God, please keep me;
teach me to do the things I should
Track Name: Alas for the Master
you worship convenience like you worship yourself
making it simple to meander to Hell
pray to convenience “Make life easy to bear”
but no reply comes because your god doesn’t care
make votive your health to the god you adore
pray at the temple of his eponymous stores
the gift of your god is filth on demand
‘til you die of inertia – remote in your hand
alas for the master, alas for the god
convenience save us from toil or lack
alas for the master, alas for the fraud
what will you do when The Truth comes back?
in utero children sacrificed in his name
they were inconvenient, but we still bear the shame
cell phone collisions, SMS homicide
our comfort is fleeting, but convenience abides
Track Name: Modern Myth
our obdurate defiance tears off Victory's wings
and the spear that now impales her was used to pierce our King
we abandon all surviving chance that we might overcome
every chain that binds us and the wrongs that we have done
we harken to the Sirens' song of freedom without cost
ignoring every indicator that tells us we are lost
though openly we will admit no lack within our lives
our hearts suspect the song we hear will cause us all to die
can you really believe that we got here by chance?
complexities unnumbered making up a man.
you just don’t want to be accountable
to the God Who made you and bought your soul
despite our claims of greater wisdom gleaned across the years
we're prone to all our fathers' hopes and prey to all their fears
wrapped inside our modern myths - evolution and its kin -
is nothing new to humankind; just our old prideful sin